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Civic Affairs deals with all the City of Johannesburg entities listed below.  Click on each icon for further details.

Civic Affairs also heads up the PNRA Community-in-Action (CIA) Squad.  For more details on this project, click this icon


Why we ask that you report issues to the PNRA:

The PNRA has regular meetings with City of Johannesburg at which the performance of the various City entities is reviewed.  In order for us to have constructive and meaningful discussions, we require statistics that accurately reflect the issues that have been reported, when they were reported, and if and when they were attended to.  This empirical evidence helps greatly when we hold the City accountable for their performance.


Should you wish to report the issues directly to the City, please be sure to advise us of the details of the issue, including the Reference Number, so that we can continue to monitor the City's performance.



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