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Please report the following to the PNRA and we will ensure that it is reported to the correct authorities and followed up constantly until resolved.

If you report issues directly, please be sure to email and include details of the issue together with the reference number.

NEW Water Meters

NEW WATER METERS are being installed across Johannesburg.  They are installed by either J Water itself, or by private contractors.  Unfortunately they are installed in the exact position of the old meters - which may be in the middle of a pathway, or in the middle of a driveway!


If the new water meter has been installed in an inappropriate position, please forward the following details to the PNRA and we will follow up with the correct installer on your behalf:

1. Full address

2. What is wrong with the position

3. Picture showing what is wrong with the position

THEFT of Water Meters

Be on the look-out for those who are stealing water meters. 

If yours is stolen, please report this to 011-688-1699. 

A replacement meter should take 3 - 4 days.


Theft - Modus Operandi:

A single lady in Council reflective jacket and clipboard comes to inspect the meter.  If asked, she cannot produce formal identification documents.  She is then followed later by a group of 4 men, similarly attired, who say they are ‘CLEANING’ the meter so that it can be properly read.


If you are in any doubt about “Council” staff tampering with your meter, please contact:

ADT: 0861 212 401    

CORTAC: 086 126 7822

SAPS: 011-486-5038


The City requires that residents install a stopcock just inside the boundary wall of their property.


EMERGENCY WATER CUT-OFF: Should you not have a stop-cock, or it’s buried or broken, and JHB Water is called to effect a temporary interruption of water supply and a subsequent reconnection of water supply. this will cost R1 047.19, excluding VAT, whether one or more trips is necessary.

(Price correct as at November 2013)


CUT-OFF TO INSTALL STOP-COCK: Where you need to fit an internal stopcock that will allow the interruption of water supply in the future without the assistance of JHB Water, the temporary interruption of the water supply at your request, and the subsequent re-connection thereof, will be free of charge.



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