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Private Fire and Rescue Services



Earlier this year, 24/7 Security Services partnered with Fire Operations (Pty) Ltd to provide our clients with access to first responder fire fighting and rescue services.  Residential and commercial fires have substantially increased over the last few years, and local and municipal resources are currently stretched beyond capacity. Fire Operations (Pty) Ltd is a privately-owned firefighting company, active in the greater Johannesburg area.  As specialists in structural firefighting and rescue, they are equipped to respond to fire-related emergencies in record time.  The devastating nature of fire demands quick and efficient response times to save lives and assets. 


All PARKTOWN NORTH SECURITY SCHEME clients qualify for this value-added benefit and there is no membership fee applicable.  On registration, subscribers receive a link to the Fire Ops SA mobile application - LominaSOS.  Emergency response is activated vie this App.  Fire Ops has recently assisted several 24/7 Security clients with fire-related emergencies - including Parktown North

Fire App QR Code.JPG

CLICK or scan the QR code to access the

Fire Ops page on the 24/7 Security website

Complete details, accept the Terms and Conditions, and SUBMIT

You will receive an email with a link to the APP and your REGISTRATION CODE.


Download the LominaSOS Public App and REGISTER FREE

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