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Graffiti Abatement


1.  Please DO NOT try to remove graffiti yourself, or paint

     transformers, sub-stations or Telkom boxes - this causes more

     damage and makes  it more difficult for our CIA to clean it off


2.  If you see graffiti tagging taking place, please contact
     24/7 Security or SAPS immediately.

3.  It would help a great deal if you could take a photograph of the

     perpetrators in action.

Graffiti tagging is obnoxious and a public nuisance, in addition to contributing to visual pollution. 


The appearance of graffiti generates the perception that a downward spiral has begun in the area – even though this may not be true.  Furthermore, the perception is that where graffiti vandalism is tolerated, other more serious crimes may also go unchallenged. 


When graffiti remains in a neighbourhood, it sends a message that the community doesn’t care.  Our CIA Squad ensures that graffiti is cleaned away as soon as it is reported to the PNRA.

Report Graffiti to PNRA Civic Affairs Officer
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