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The VISION of the Parktown North Ratepayers' and Residents' Association (PNRA) is to restore and maintain the well-being of the suburb of Parktown North.


The PNRA MISSION is to pursue its vision by striving to maintain the amenities of Parktown North which increase the attractiveness, the desirability and value of its properties; restoring, conserving and protecting the environment of Parktown North and combatting apathy and neglect wherever it is encountered; endeavouring to keep abreast of changes in the laws and by-laws which affect our suburb and our community, and liaising with our City Councillor and the City of Johannesburg in respect of matters pertaining to the well-being of our community and their Parktown North properties; actively promoting safety and security in our suburb; keeping our community informed regarding the afore-mentioned; imbuing a sense of community and pride; and encouraging community involvement in issues concerning Parktown North which includes the introduction of a system of street initiatives.

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