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Bollard Project


In view of the scarce JRA funding for new projects, the PNRA has prioritised the safeguarding of Parktown North's pavements.


The repercussions if we continue to ignore the problems are far-reaching - structurally, financially, from a safety point of view, and aesthetically.

The pavements of Parktown North are being eroded by selfish and inconsiderate drivers who constantly climb the kerb to park on the pavements.

Structurally, not only are the paving stones and asphalt being ground up, shallow-lying services are also at risk of being damaged.  Kerb stones and kerb gutters are, likewise, being degraded.  

* The Financial Risk is that the JRA does not have funds to replace these structures.  If the burden for the entire replacement of structures falls to the community, the expense will be enormous.

* From a Safety Perspective, pavement parking causes a hazard to pedestrians, those pushing prams, wheelchair users, and those who use a mobility scooter - forcing them out into the road, and into danger.  In addition, the degradation of these structures is causing trip hazards.

Aesthetically, eroding pavements are an eye-sore.


Pavements are designed for pedestrian use, and not for use as a car park. Preventative steps need to be taken to ensure the longevity of existing structures.  After discussions with the JRA, the PNRA has been given authorisation to install bollards in key places along 7th Avenue and 3rd Avenues. Because not all the funds are immediately available, the project will have to be tackled in phases.

In time, when the budget allows, we would love to turn our main pavements . . .

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Parktown North © PNRA 

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Right Hand Image: "Benoni Ekurhuleni" by PretoriaTravel - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

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