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Security in Parktown North

Securing the neighbourhood is a community effort

The Parktown North Residents Association(PNRA) has a value-added, integrated approach to security in Parktown North. With a dedicated PNRA administrator and active co-ordination with Parkview SAPS the PNRA makes the community safer. PNRA services provide an integrated anti-crime focus in Parktown North.

"The SafeParkview scheme of the Parkview Residents' Association has turned Parkview from a suburb into a highly sought after village. Hopefully, the Parktown North Residents' Association can do the same for Parktown North."

- Theodore Brickhill, Sotheby's

"Successful Residents’ Associations (RA), and more particularly those with their own well-run security schemes, contribute greatly to the amenity of the neighbourhood.  More and more, home buyers are attracted to an area such as Parkview where there is an active RA which runs an effective security scheme.  We expect that this, too, will increase the desirability of homes in Parktown North."

- Glynis van Zuydam, Jawitz Properties

The Parktown North Security Scheme:
Armed response and Public Space Security

The PNRA is pleased to announce that it has joined forces with 24/7 Security Services to provide armed response and public space security for Parktown. 24/7 has expressed their willingness to work in partnership with the PNRA for the benefit of our community.

The Parktown North Security Scheme will be managing and administering the services provided by 24/7 Security in terms of a Service Level Agreement between the PNRA and 24/7 Security. To join the Parktown North Security Scheme click here.

​Some PNRA initiatives that aid to safety of the neighbourhood are:

Graffiti Abatement Programme

  • Protecting the Integrity of Power Supply by, for example:

    • Urgently attending to power problems

    • Lobbying for ageing infrastructure to be replaced (such as the new mini-station on 11th Ave & new MV cabling installed down 7th Avenue - both projects initiated with City Power by the PNRA)

    • Inspecting, with the assistance of 24/7 and in cooperation with City Power, all Parktown North sub-stations and transformers to ensure that no damage is caused by displaced people living in, behind or on the facilities.

  • Cleaning Operations by our Community-in-Action Squad to prevent the area from becoming a magnet for crime, including:

    • Cleaning the car park

    • Cleaning the traffic islands

  • Ensuring PIKITUP does its job, intervening when necessary (remember thePIKITUP strike?!)

  • Supporting SAPS' inspections of building sites undertaken at SAPS' discretion.

  • Pro-actively organising anti-crime operations in Parktown North. PNRA partners with SAPS, the JMPD, 24/7 and Joburg Municipal agencies to conduct regular anti-crime operations.  These are conducted at different times of the day and year, with focus on hotspots that are identified through crime analysis.

  • Project Fresh Start where the PNRA helps to address the issue of those "sleeping rough" in Parktown North by working with the relevant agencies, including the City's Displaced Persons Units and the PNRA's Worship Forum.

  • Community Communications, including:

    • Meeting SAPS weekly

    • Meeting CPF monthly

    • Meeting CSF monthly

    • Issuing QUALITY weekly crime updates and MEANINGFUL crime intelligence warnings

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24/7 Security Services

24/7 offers a reactive armed response, proactive vehicular patrolling and street patrol schemes.  They also install alarm systems & provide checks on staff.


Emergency Line: 011-555-1120

Suspicious Activity: 0861-212-400 (Press 2, Then 4)


24/7 has two dedicated patrol / response vehicles in Parktown North.  

These vehicles are backed up by another others which are in the vicinity

and can be called on at any time.

Parkview SAPS



​Duty Officer:


​Col. Gopane:


Please call the Station Commander, Col Gopane with only important issues.

​Sector Vehicle:

Call 011-486-5038 and ask for number of the Patrolling Vehicle

Acting Sector Manager: (Constable Mazama)


Flying Squad: 10111

The Parkview Police station serves a large geographical area that           includes:   

  • Greenside East

  • Hurlingham

  • Hurlingham Gardens

  • Parkhurst

  • Parktown North

  • Parktown (West of M1)

  • Clynton                  

  • Craighall                

  • Craighall Park        

  • Emmarentia           

  • Glenadrienne         

  • Greenside          

  • Parktown West

  • Parkview

  • Riepen Park

  • Rooseveldt Park

  • Westcliiff

Parkview CPF

According to (accessed on 5 October 2014):
Each SAPS Police Station has to establish its own CPF.
The duties of   the   CPF  include:
* monitoring  police  performance,  
* liaising  with residents  and  businesses  in  the  sector,   and   
* arranging   regular  meetings  to   receive   and   provide   feedback  and  to  disseminate crime trends
  and provide advice on security.


Parkview CPF Chairman:
Geraldine Connell



Parkview Victim Support Unit:  


A cellphone is in the possession of one of the several volunteers on duty: 073 280 4453


Lee Young, the PNRA Administrator, represents the PNRA at the monthly meetings of the Community Safety Forum (CSF), the Community Policing Forum (CPF) and the weekly SAPS briefing at the Parkview SAPS and Rosebank SAPS.

The PNRA Administrator, Lee Young, also represents the PNRA at the weekly SAPS briefing at the Parkview Police Station and prepares the minutes of the briefing session.

Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department (JMPD)

JHB Metro Contacts, as @ February 2017

Deputy Regional Commander:

Chief Superintendent Johannes Sebola


Cluster Commander

Superintendent Comfort Rakobane


By-Laws Inspector:

Inspector Phindile Sihlali


Land Invasion:

Supt Nompumelelo Mthembu


Informal Street Trading:

Superintendent Mazamane


Signage & JRA:

Superintendent Malose Mabuela


Waste Management & Electricity:

Superintendent Ayasha Ajoodha


Water and Parks:

Superintendent Mbaladi


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