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Hendrick Moikanyang

Collin Saungweme

Town Planning


Urban Management

Chairperson: Lee-Ann Louverdis

Lee-Ann has lived in Parktown North for 25 years.  She is married with 2 children. Lee-Ann has an Honours degree in Economics, and additional qualifications related to the interior design and construction industries.


For several years, she wrote her own column in the Business Times of the Sunday Times, and contributed daily economic comment on the morning show of 5FM.  For the past 20 years, she has owned an interior design & construction project management company, working both locally and internationally.

Tony was born in Parktown North and was christened at the Parktown North Methodist Church in the 1930’s.  He is a widower with 3 adult children. His daughter and son, and their children, live on the same property that has been in the family since 1910.


Tony holds a BA (Hons) and part B SC (Mining).  He has held key positions in the advertising industry in SA, and was instrumental in introducing the Benson & Hedges Series night cricket to the country.


He is a past Vice Chairman of the Parkview CPF and Chairman of the Trust & Properties Commission of the Parktown North Methodist Church.


He enjoys, amongst other things,  Anglo-Boer War history and restoring and rallying vintage motor cycles.

Civic Affairs

Should you with to assist with the portfolio, please contact

Should you with to assist with the portfolio, please contact

Forums - Estate Agents: Willem Zeederberg

Willem graduated from the University of Pretoria with a BSc Building Management degree.  After his studies he embarked on a career in commercial property management, first for Absa Properties and later for Sanlam Properties.


In 2006 his focus shifted to residential property management, when he joined Midstream, a group of Estates just south of Centurion.  He brings a wealth of Home Owners Association management to the PNRA.


Willem has been a residents of Parktown North since 2016.

Forums - Streets-in-Motion

Should you with to assist with the portfolio, please contact

Governance & Compliance

Should you with to assist with the portfolio, please contact

Greg is married with two children.  Although he is a fairly new resident of Parktown North, he has lived in the greater "Parks" area for over 12 years.


Greg is an Architect with over 20 years' experience.  He has a particular interest in urban design, urban renewal and Heritage.


We are urgently looking for a Secretary to take care of the minutes of our meetings. 


If you can help, please contact us on

Should you with to assist with the portfolio, please contact


Should you wish to assist with this portfolio, please email

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Governance & Compliance


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Lee-Ann Louverdis:

Warren Bewsher:


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Tony Davidson:
Community Support

Jacques Hough:

Brent Pinkney:

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Lee Young:


We appeal for volunteers for the following portfolios:

* Town Planning

* Treasurer

* Urban Management Team

Pam Ellenberger:
Street Lighting

Shelter Moyo

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Bernadette Noeth

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