If you see a problem in the suburb:

*SEND the photo & the exact address or location of the problem, together with your name, to 073-633-4560 - or email to  Include as much detail as possible, such as the numbers which appear on water meters and lighting poles.

* SORT - we’ll endeavor to get the problem sorted. 

*SNAP a photo of the problem.


The PNRA has heeded the call of Tim Truluck, Ward 117 Councillor, for residents to become pro-actively involved in adopting a sub-station.

Car Park Clean-up

Regular c


The PNRA succesfully negotiated Vumatel's fibre network into Parktown North - the first truly open-access network allowing access to ALL Internet Service Providers (ISPs). 

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JRA Projects

* 4th Ave Traffic Calming

* 4th Ave Stop Streets

* 7th Ave Paving Project

* Stef's Corner Guard Rails

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Project Recycle

Pikitup has initiated a recycle at source programme.  The PNRA has put together information sheets detailing the programme.

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Car Park


More detail to follow.

Bollard Project

In the face of structural, financial, safety and aesthetic repurcussions, the PNRA has prioritised the safeguarding of Parktown North's pavements..

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CIA Squad

* Car Park Clean-up

* Civic Audits

* Clean Streets

* Road Name

*  Street Pole

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Graffiti Abatement

Graffiti in a neighbourhood sends a message that the community doesn’t care - and that is a magnet for crime.
The PNRA regularly removes graffiti.

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The PNRA steps into the breach when Pikitup have strike action.

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PSHB Beetle

The PNRA is leading the charge in dealing with the polyphagous shot-hole borer beetle (PSHB).

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