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Community-in-Action (CIA)


One of the ways in which  the PNRA puts words and slogans into action is through our CIA Squad.  They are identifiable by their overalss with PNRA logo..


Please be mindful of their safety as you go about your business. Remember, a beautiful suburb always – but SAFETY FIRST.


The CIA SQUAD would be most appreciative if you give them a word of encouragement as you drive past.

The CIA SQUAD regularly cleans the car park of litter, and cuts back the grass. 

Car Park Clean Up


The CIA SQUAD conducts regular audits on, amongst others, potholes, water leaks, fire hydrant leaks, graffiti, security and maintenance issues at sub-stations and transformers, vagrancy issues, street lights on during daylight hours, building sites, homes for sale, and PSHB trees - these audits are collated into requests for action from the City of Johannesburg.

Civic Audits

Image by STIL

The CIA SQUAD pounds our pavements undertaking a variety of  tasks including the unblocking of kerb inlets, trimming back the base of pavement trees, cleaning out the fire hydrants, spraying the pavement weeds, cutting back ivy, maintaining planted traffic islands - and generally sprucing up the area.

Clean Streets Programme

One of the first projects for our CIA Squad in was the renewal of the road names painted on the kerbs.   The Squad was trained in respect of proper surface preparation and application, and we are pleased with the result.

Over 240 road names have been painted.

Road Name Project

The CIA Squad has prepped and painted all street power and light poles in Parktown North with clear numbers so that they can be properly referenced to City Power when reporting a problem.

Street Pole Project

Street pole numbers.JPG
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