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Parktown North experienced significant cable theft in 2013 and
again in 2018.  This has also happened in other areas such as
Blairgowrie, Victory Park, Parkhurst, Lower Parkwood, Rosebank

and Saxonwold. 

Tim Truluck, Ward 117 Councillor, has called upon residents to become pro-actively involved in adopting a sub-station.

The newly-rejuvenated PNRA heeded the call and immediately sprang into action:

1.   All sub-stations and transformers were cleaned of graffiti as part of the PNRA Graffity Abatement Programme.

2.  All sub-stations and transformers were mapped out on the PNRA cadastral map for easy reference.

3.  In co-operation with City Power, the PNRA and its security service provider, 24/7 Security, monitor all sub-stations
     and transformers for security breaches, including vagrants lighting fires at sub-stations in winter which presents a
     significant fire hazard and consequently also a threat to stable electricity supply to the area.

4.  The PNRA has engaged with City Power to have timber doors on several of the sub-stations replaced with metal doors.

5.  The PNRA has engaged with City Power to have an aging and faulty transformer on 11th Avenue replaced with new.

6.  The PNRA has re-painted street light pole numbers for easier identification, for fault reporting purposes.



The PNRA enjoys a great working relationship with CityPower, 
with co-operation on a number of projects  to improve the security
of electricity supply in Parktown North.

Lee-Ann Louverdis, Chairperson, PNRA

Residents called to adopt a substation.

Tim Truluck,
Rosebank Killarney Gazette, January 2014

For the full article, CLICK HERE.





11th Avenue


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