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City Power


Please report the following to the PNRA and we will ensure that it is reported to the correct authorities and followed up constantly until resolved.

If you report issues directly, please be sure to email and include details of the issue together with the reference number.

Power Outages

Report Power outages directly to

City Power on the link provided


If the problem is not attended to in a reasonable time period, please e-mail or sms your reference number, address and description of the problem to the PNRA, and we will escalate it on your behalf.


Faulty Street Lights
WITH pole numbers

Please report to with the following details:

1. Street name

2. Pole number

3. Nearest house number

Faulty Street Lights
with NO pole numbers

Please report with the following details:

1. Street name

2. Nearest house number

3. Any other landmark information so City Power can locate the correct pole

Electricity Meter
Reading Dates
for 2014


Contractor:   AMR

Telephone:   011-885-3195



             October      21

             November  18

             December  TBA

Trees interfering with Power Lines

Please report to the with the following details:

1. Street name

2. House number

Vagrants squatting at sub-stations

It is important that we ensure that vagrants do not squat at sub-stations as this increases the risk of power outages due to vandalism and fires.


Please report with the full address details.

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