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The Streets-in-Motion Project divides Parktown North into smaller, manageable portions in order to more effectively engage with the community.  These smaller portions of Parktown North are coordinated by Street Captains who report to the Forums Co-ordinator on the PNRA Management Committee


Streets-in-Motion is NOT a neighbourhood watch programme and the community is discouraged from taking the law into their own hands.  All personal information provided to Streets Captains remains confidential.

Streets-in-Motion is a PNRA Project aimed at moblising street communities to bring about a return to true, old-fashioned neighbourliness.
Communication is King!
PNRA Street Captains are the eyes and ears of Parktown North.  They are tasked with getting to know who lives in their street and establishing two-way communication.  


They are the point of contact through which the PNRA Management Committee is made aware of the community's needs and issues, and through which the Management Committee can feed relevant information to the community.  Where necessary, the PNRA Street Captain will disseminate limited printed information, especially to those residnets who do not have access to email.


PNRA Street Captains are also entrusted with updating details on houses sold and new residents, births, illnesses and deaths, and other important events such as weddings.


PNRA Street Captains also assist in encouraging attendance of functions such as the Annual Easter Egg Hunt and the PNRA Security Awareness Fun Day..

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