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Environmental Health


Please report the following issues to the PNRA and we will ensure that they are reported to the correct authorities and followed up constantly until resolved.

If you report issues directly, please be sure to email and include details of the issue together with the reference number.

What does Environmental Health encompass?
Environmental Health is responsible for complaints investigation, compliance monitoring, law enforcement activities, and health promotion and training.
Environmental Pollution Control - this refers to noise,
water and land pollution control, and related matters.


Food Control - this includes issuing certificates of acceptability,
inspection of food premises, examination sampling and anaysis
of foodstuffs, and compliance monitoring in terms of national legislation.
Vector Control - this entails the monitoring, identification, evaluation and
prevention of vector-related matters including identifying rodents, pests and
insects, their habitats and breeding places and instituting remedial and
preventative measures.
Water quality management - this entails monitoring and sampling to ensure safe
drinking and recreational water.
Waste Management - this refers to monitoring waste storage on site
and the safe disposal thereof, and includes medical and hazardous waste.
Chemical safety - this refers to ensuring safe practices with regards to all chemicals other than those listed in the Hazardous Substances Act or the Occupation Health and Safety Act.
Disposal of the dead - this refers to regulatory interventions to ensure compliance.
Health Surveillance - this concerns the identification, monitoring and evaluation of health risks and hazards, and instituting remedial and preventative measures.
Surveillance and Prevention of Communicable Diseases - this entails investigating all food- and water-related outbreaks of disease, and health and hygiene promotion of all environmentally-induced diseased. (This does not include immunisation.)



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