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*  The aim of the Groups is to share relevant security and crime-related information with like-minded residents of Parktown North (PTN).
*  The Groups fall within the ambit of the PNRA communication channels and as such, are governed by the PNRA NPC Memorandum of
    Incorporation,  and operate under the mandates received by the PNRA from its members.

*  The PNRA Security Scheme has two Groups – the ALERT GROUP and the COMMUNITY GROUP.
*  The ALERT GROUP is a broadcast group limited to security and crime related alerts and information.   This Group is closely monitored by
    the Groups administration team (Admin Team).   PNRA Security Scheme members who are in good standing may nominate their employees or
    tenants to be members of the ALERT Group.  The employment status of PNRA Security Scheme members’ employees and the residential status
    of PNRA Security Scheme members’ renters  must be confirmed, by the relevant PNRA Security Scheme member(s), to the Admin Team in
    February of each year.  Failure to do so will result in   the details of unconfirmed employees and/or renters being removed from the Group.
*   The COMMUNITY Group is a chat Group for security related  issues. 
*   The COMMUNITY GROUP is closed i.e. open only to members in good standing of the PNRA Security Scheme.  The Admin Team monitors this
    Group as and when they have the time to do so, so users thereof should not expect immediate responses.  Bear in mind that as a community
    chat  Group, it may get quite busy. 


General Rules of Engagement

  • Alert people to specific security issues and suspicious activities, and keep the details brief, factual and pertinent.

  • No unnecessary comments or speculation permitted as this generates a great deal of unwanted traffic.

  • No ‘chit chat’, no pleasantries and courtesies (e.g. “thank you”, “shame”, “hope all is well”) and no emoticons – comment only if your information adds value.

  • Only post if there is a direct security risk to the residents of PTN or their movements in our surrounding area.

  • Do not post incidents that are unconfirmed – if in doubt, contact a member of the Admin Team privately to confirm the veracity of purported incidents.

  • Constructive comment and positive engagement is appreciated - vitriol is not.

  • Long debates are to be taken offline.

  • Urgent incidents are to be reported to first responders, namely SAPS and the nominated security service provider.

  • The following abbreviations are deemed to be acceptable when reporting crime as they provide distinguishing characteristics of alleged suspects i.e. BM (black male), CM (coloured male), WM (white male) or F (female), as the case may be.  This is the accepted convention
    and no accusations of racism will be entertained.

  • Please be patient with those who may be getting used to using social media for the first time.

  • Any URGENT incidents that occur between 10pm and 6am need to be called in to a member of the Admin so that appropriate alerts are
    sent out timeously.


Rules and Regulations

By sending a request to become a member of either of the Groups or by joining either of the Groups, you acknowledge and agree to the following:
1.   That you agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations of the Groups;

2.   That you accept the leadership of the Admin Team in managing and moderating the Groups and accept that the Admin team reserves the right
      to restrict admission, remove, or ban anyone to any of the groups without any notification or explanation.

3.   That you have voluntarily joined the Group/s for the purpose of information sharing, that you have the right to leave the group anytime, and
once you leave the group, the Admin Team reserves the right to restrict or deny your re-entry into the Group/s.

4.   That you shall not block any Group communication of any Admin Team members at any time, and that doing so will mean that you shall be
as a member of the Group/s.
5.   That you will not engage in any inappropriate, unethical, or illegal activities, including but not limited to forwarding and sharing any
      inappropriate posts, 
using foul and/or vulgar language, posting promotions of any kind, posting personal attacks, posting personal insulting
      messages, or making defamatory 
statements, bullying of any member, sending unsolicited personal messages to any member or posting
      inappropriate messages, images, videos or 
inappropriate comments.

6.   That religious comment, racism, hate speech, politics and off-topic posts shall not be tolerated.
7.   That the Admin Team reserves the right to promote and share other activities and events concerning crime and grime in PTN bearing in mind
      that a strong 
is the best deterrent against crime;

8.   That during your participation in the Group/s, your information including your phone number, your name, your photos etc. may be exposed to
members of the Group/s and that you may be exposed to risks that include, but are not limited to, information shared with other
      members of the Group/s.

9.   That no advertising shall be permitted including, but not limited to, advertising for products, services, and advertising on behalf of other
groups and/or other non-profit organisations, unless otherwise by prior approval of the Admin Team.

10. That any issue or event raised in a public forum, such as a PNRA community meeting, may be discussed in the Group/s.
11.  That content shared on the Group/s is for PNRA Security Scheme members ONLY, and shall not be shared with any third party unless by prior
      approval of 
the Admin Team. 

12. That the Group/s, the PNRA and the Admin Team do not accept any liability in respect of any communication, breach of confidentiality,
      copyright violation, 
violation of intellectual property rights and/or for any damages or any other liability arising.

13. That discussions or comments posted by individual members of the Group/s are not intended to be, and shall not be considered to be, a
       substitute for professional and/or legal advice.

14. That the opinions expressed in the Group/s are the opinions of the individual members and may not reflect the opinions of other Group
      members or the 
Admin Team.

15. That notwithstanding point 11, comments and discussions posted on the Group/s could be accessed by non-Group members, and that, in the
thereof the Group/s, the PNRA and the Admin Team shall not be held responsible.
16. That all service delivery issues with the nominated security service provider be raised FIRST with the PNRA Security Scheme administrator so
      that proper 
investigations can be conducted in a routine manner in terms of the Service Level Agreement (SLA);

17. That service delivery issues with the nominated security service provider that are posted on the Group/s without allowing the PNRA Security
administrator to first investigate the issues,
will receive a full and comprehensive reply on the Group/s.

18. That the Admin Team have the right to update and make modifications to the Groups’ Rules and Regulations and General Terms of
      Engagement at any 
time, without notice, to ensure the effective management and moderation of the Group/s activities.
19. That as a member of the Group/s, it is your responsibility to regularly update yourself with updates and modifications to the Groups’ Rules and

      Regulations and General Terms of Engagement.

21. That you agree to waive liability, discharge claims against, and release from liability, the Group/s, the PNRA Security Scheme, the PNRA and
      the Admin 
Team, in respect of anything which in any was connected with the activities and your participation of the Group/s; and that you
      understand that this 
of risk and undertaking of release is binding upon your heirs, executors, and administrators.


We look forward to keeping in touch with you!


Parktown North Ratepayers’ and Residents’ Association, 27 October 2016.

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