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Owl Rescue Project       The PNRA, in partnership with the

for Rat Control


The PNRA has announced a partnership with The Owl Rescue Centre.  


We encourage all our residents to use one of two environmentally-friendly methods of controlling rats and mice:


1. Using humane Rat Traps to trap live rats which the Owl Rescue Centre will collect free of charge -

   The cost of supply and installation is R700 per rat trap.  The rats must be given a source of food and water.  

   The Centre is desperate for rats due to the large number of rescue owls that they have homed.


2. Installing an Owl Box in a tree in your garden -

   The cost of the supply and installation is R900.  

   Owls are NOT supplied with the Owl Box.  The box encourages them to move into the area, especially where there is a rat                population to provide a source of food.  The only owl that will be attracted to an Owl Box in our area is the Spotted Eagle Owl,        and your  box should ideally be up by at  least early  June  in order to attract  owls  for the next breeding season.   Chances of

   an owl moving in will be higher if your property is well-treed.


Contact BRENDAN at, or call him on 082-719-5463, to arrange delivery and payment.

For more information, check out the website.


As a member of the PNRA, you qualify for a discount.

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